What to look for when choosing your Florist for your Wedding or Event

In this blog, I would like to give you some insight into what you should look for, when choosing the Florist for your big day.

Each supplier for your wedding day is so very special in there own right, so it is so vital to ensure that you trust them and most of all feel at ease, and comfortable with them and their work.

The best way to find a good quality florist (or any supplier for that matter), I find is via word of mouth. Lets be honest “Bad news travels fast”… but if you hear of great things from others who have experienced a great service from their florist, you will soon be told about it… and you can trust them. The saying “You are only as good as your last job”, cannot be more true and something I stand by as referring back to the previous statement of “Bad news travels fast”, if you drop your quality and standard just that one time, that is all it takes.

Florists who love their careers care about their workmanship, their creativity, you… they are passionate and motivated, and only want to achieve an outstanding and jaw dropping service… if you don’t get that vibe… then I would run for the hills and look in a different direction.

Hotel and Venue recommendations are also a fab way to find a top quality Florist, who is right for your needs. Hotels and Venues have worked with local florists time and time again, week in and week out. They would never recommend a florist who wasn’t good enough to you.



This is a pretty obvious one, but Social Media Platforms are a good call. It is a perfect way to look at a florist’s most recent work and from there you can get a feel for them and their work.

Once you have done your research, ensure you contact your chosen florists (It’s always good to have a few on your list, as wedding suppliers do get booked up VERY far in advance), I would send them an email with the following information to lesson the thread of emails back and forth and get a quick response.

• Your full name and your fiancé’s name
• The date of your wedding day
• The location of your ceremony and reception
• The time of your ceremony
• What you are your requirements, even if it’s just the basics for now

From here you will find out who is available for you, and who is unavailable. Organising a meeting with your florist is a great way to discuss your thoughts and visions for your big day, bouncing ideas around and finding out what is possible… You will also find that you will be drawn to one florist maybe more so than the other, even if they can offer the same vision, it’s sometimes as simple as a gut feeling. Pricing is also very important and you need to work with your budget, no matter how big or small… and be honest with your florist as they will be honest with you.

I do hope this helps any bride//groom at a loss as to where to even start. Pinterest is amazing… dangerous, as hours later you will find yourself immersed in floral arrangements and you will not even know how it started. I will however make you aware, that though Pinterest is a great way to view images of floral arrangements that grab your attention and taste, please do bare in mind that some ideas they show aren’t always realistic and it is best to ask for the florists honest opinion. No question is a silly question.


Nikki xx